Chronic diseases

Not either/or – looking at the whole picture! At your numerous specialist appointments, are you missing a doctor who can keep track of things, who closely follows your overall medical history, and who does not just focus on individual diseases? As family doctors, one of our core tasks is to give you time for a conversation and to manage your care.

Overview of diagnostic services: cardiovascular diagnostics, sonography and lung function

We offer you a wide range of internal diagnostics.
Laboratory tests, resting ECG, stress ECG (ergometry), lung function tests (spirometry) and long-term ECG can all be carried out in our practice as part of preventive care, follow-up checks or for performance diagnostics.
In addition to sonography of the abdominal organs and the thyroid, we also offer ultrasound examinations of the heart (echocardiography) and the cervical vessels leading to the brain (carotid arteries), with which we provide almost the complete outpatient cardiological diagnostics.
Please note that not all benefits are reimbursed by statutory health insurances. If you have any questions, please contact us directly.

Family doctor-centered care (HZV)

The HZV (Hausarztzentrierte Versorgung / family doctor-centered care) offers a forward-looking approach to outpatient patient care.
This begins with you first introducing yourself to us and discussing all your health concerns. We will then consider together which medical care is most relevant and effective for you. We will issue you the necessary referrals and, if necessary, organize a timely appointment for you. We thoroughly review the reports we receive back and there is an optimized interlinking of the diagnosis and results between the various specialists and us as your general practitioners.
All of this ensures high-quality care done in an integrated manner over the long term.

Disease Management Program

As part of the DMP (Disease Management Program), the diseases CHD (coronary heart disease), diabetes mellitus type II, COPD / asthma (chronic lung diseases and bronchial asthma) are regularly cared for in our family doctor-centered care (HZV).
Inclusion in these programs can have a positive effect on the interactions between general practitioners and specialists and patients. These programs help to provide a framework to work together assess, plan and implement care and prevention strategies.


Anaesthesia advice and examination before your operation

Do you need an examination and / or advice before your operation?
As a specialist in anesthesia, Dr. Schellenberger has extensive knowledge of the necessary diagnostics before an operation; he knows all anesthetic procedures and has accompanied almost every surgical procedure himself as an anesthetist.
In the case of planned operations, a second anaesthesiological opinion can be useful, for example to provide information about alternative, gentle anaesthetic techniques or to ensure optimized preparation.


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