Digital health advice

Have you been using your smartphone, tablet or computer for a long time to keep an eye on your health? We are happy to accompany you on this journey with competent advice on health apps, personalized nutrition, wearables and other topics relating to digital health.

Health apps for the best of health

The app stores are full of health apps of variable quality.
We help you to select useful apps. More importantly, we can help use their data to improve patient care.
We have no fear of contact with „Dr. Google“. Our goal is to support you in your efforts to use the latest tools to take personal responsibility for your health.

Personalized training planning and nutrition

Are you an athlete and have you set new goals? Do you pay attention to your diet but want to know exactly what will work best for your health, physical and athletic goals?
We are happy to carry out performance diagnostics for you and advise you about the nutrition related to your training and healthy lifestyle choices.
We would also be happy to provide you with the latest information in these areas. For example, bio- and nutrigenomics are a trending topic; and, if applied critically, these approaches could make a meaningful contribution to optimized personalized medicine in the future.

Digital health advice – wearables and health trackers

Fitness trackers, sleep sensors, continuous EKG on the wrist – devices that measure or even influence body functions are a relevant topic of the present and are already firmly integrated into the lives of many patients.
Together with you, we will check whether and how wearables can / should be integrated into your life and how we can integrate the knowledge gained into your treatment.


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