Dear patients,

the corona pandemic continues to be of particular importance for us as a medical practice. Therefore, for all patients with respiratory infections (cough, sore throat, etc.) and fever, please contact us in advance to make an appointment. We will then give you a timely appointment. If you would like to have a telephone conversation instead of a personal introduction, we are also available during regular practice hours or we will call you back.
We ask all patients to pay special attention to hygiene measures (hand, cough / sneeze hygiene) and to wear mouth and nose protection in our practice.
Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about SARS-CoV-2 / Covid-19. For detailed information, please visit the Robert Koch Institute website at!
Thank you for your understanding!

Your EppenDocs Team

Acute consultation in Hamburg Eppendorf

Due to our many years of experience in emergency medicine, you can rely on our assessment of acute illnesses. In addition to the medical history and a thorough physical examination, our care also includes an ECG, emergency laboratory, emergency ultrasound and wound care if necessary. You can also turn to us with confidence if you have psychological problems.

Quick appointment with a general practitioner, internist or orthopedist

In the case of acute complaints, we ask you to make an online appointment.

Whenever it is possible for us, we will try to offer you an immediate appointment. If you cannot find a suitable date online, please give us a call.

In addition to your medical history and a physical examination, our acute care also includes an emergency ECG, emergency laboratory, emergency sonography and wound care if necessary. After a diagnosis has been made, we attach great importance to gentle treatments, which also includes herbal remedies from the field of natural healing methods.

If you are looking for our medical advice for other reasons, we ask you to make an appointment during our regular consultation hour.

Medical Emergency

In the event of acute shortness of breath, sudden severe chest pain or acute paralysis, speech and vision disorders, please dial 112 immediately for the rescue service of the Hamburg fire brigade!

In the event of minor complaints, please contact the emergency service of the Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians on 116 117 outside our consulting time and on weekends!
If you are in the immediate vicinity of our practice or if you are not sure about your complaints, please come to our practice during our cosulting hours or give us a call!

Emergency sonography from a specialist

Acute abdominal or flank pain can have numerous causes: appendicitis, kidney stones, but also other differential diagnoses can be considered.
Acute leg pain can be caused by a venous thrombosis or an arterial occlusion.
In our practice, we have the option of promptly carrying out an emergency ultrasound of the organs mentioned in order to rule out dangerous differential diagnoses, to initiate therapy or to initiate any further treatment required for you.
Please note that you may have to wait some time for this time-consuming examination.


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