Preventive medical check-up in Hamburg Eppendorf and Ottensen

For ongoing health care and prevention, we offer all health insurance programs and personalized vaccination advice. At your request, we can expand this basic program with additional evidence-based advice and examinations.

Pension benefits from your health insurance company

An important part of taking care of your health is awareness and understanding of the various options provided within insurance programs for diagnosis and prevention.
We want you to easily access this information so it can be part of our discussion and approach to bolster your health and well-being.
Below you’ll find a general overview. We can help you to clarify details and access various options.

Many preventive medical check-ups are reimbursable by statutory health insurance. Since April 1st, 2019 there has been an innovation in the area of ​​preventive medical check-ups. Patients between the ages of 18 and 35 can now take advantage of a one-time preventive health check-up, whereby a blood and urine test is only carried out at the doctor's discretion and in the event of risk factors. From the age of 35, the well-known over 35 health check-up (Check-up 35) can now only be carried out every three years, whereby the blood tests have been expanded.

Less known are the programs for cancer prevention and cardiovascular prevention.

Cancer Prevention:

Every two years from your 35th year of life you can continue to have a skin cancer screening performed by us.
Men aged 45 and over can take advantage of the screening for the early detection of prostate cancer every year.

For men and women from the age of 50, colon cancer screening and the associated examination for blood in the stool are added every year. For patients 55 and older we will make you aware of the important preventive colonoscopy.

Cardiovascular Prevention:

From the age of 65, men should have an ultrasound of the width of the abdominal aorta once in their life. This is the only examination for cardiovascular prevention financed by the statutory health insurance companies.

With your consent, we will speak to you about these programs at the right time.
At your request, we will work out individualized concepts together that go beyond this basic provision.

Personalized vaccination advice from a specialist

Whether for general vaccination advice or for an upcoming trip – supported by an automated reminder function (recall), we help you to achieve the best possible vaccination protection.
Please note that you should check whether your health insurance company will cover the costs before you seek vaccination advice. Most health insurance companies now cover the costs for vaccines, vaccinations and vaccination advice.
After a complete basic immunization in childhood and adolescence, it is important to have a booster vaccination every 10 years on average. Bring your vaccination certificate with you!
Do you want to have children? Here, too, it is important to check the vaccination status of both partners.
With regards to vaccinations, it is important to pay attention to the annual flu vaccination, especially for those 60 years or older.

The pneumococcal vaccination to protect against the most common pathogen causing pneumonia is also recommended from the age of 60. And recently, since 2019, vaccination against herpes zoster has also been recommended for people over the age of 60 to avoid the occurrence of shingles and the often accompanying neuropathic pain. Please note that all of these three vaccinations may also be possible for you before the age of 60 if you suffer from a chronic illness or a risk constellation exists. Please do not hesitate to contact us.
We advise you individually and according to the latest recommendations of the standing vaccination commission (STIKO), the Tropical Institute and the Center for Travel Medicine (CRM) and we will fill any gaps in the documentation.

Lifestyle advice at EppenDocs

Numerous providers are entering the health coaching market; the term lifestyle optimization is on everyone's lips, but not all of the offers have the necessary substance.
Perhaps you have never thought before that these issues could be best put in the hands of your doctor. You should.
We offer you personalized advice and recommendations in the areas of sports medicine, mental health and nutrition.


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