Dear patients,

the corona pandemic continues to be of particular importance for us as a medical practice. Therefore, for all patients with respiratory infections (cough, sore throat, etc.) and fever, please contact us in advance to make an appointment. We will then give you a timely appointment. If you would like to have a telephone conversation instead of a personal introduction, we are also available during regular practice hours or we will call you back.
We ask all patients to pay special attention to hygiene measures (hand, cough / sneeze hygiene) and to wear mouth and nose protection in our practice.
Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about SARS-CoV-2 / Covid-19. For detailed information, please visit the Robert Koch Institute website at!
Thank you for your understanding!

Your EppenDocs Team

Orthopedics and trauma surgery in Eppendorf

Chirotherapy, acupuncture, sports medicine, prevention

Practice philosophy

As your personal and independent specialist for all questions relating to the musculoskeletal system, I warmly welcome you.

In my private consultation I take enough time to treat your acute or persistent complaints in the musculoskeletal system with my many years of experience and my sports science and orthopedic expertise.

In order to find the optimal treatment for you, I will diagnose the causes and connections of your complaints in a detailed discussion and after a holistic examination and develop an individual treatment concept with a personalized therapy plan.

The most modern diagnostic and therapeutic procedures are used.

From my many years of experience, I have been able to see that surgery can be avoided in many cases.

My goal for you is the fastest and most lasting freedom from symptoms, as well as a concept for prevention so that you feel comfortable and productive in your body.

Malte Steinbrink M.D.

Specialist in orthopedics and trauma surgery
Graduated sports scientist 

Range of orthopedic services in Eppendorf



acute consultation
Acupuncture – low side effects pain therapy according to TCM
Osteoarthritis therapy – holistic concept with i.a. Joint mobilization, movement training, nutritional advice
Insole supply
Manual therapy / chiropractic – Mobilization and manipulation techniques to remove joint blockages
Kinesio tape
Hyaluronic acid joint injections – Cartilage regeneration therapy
PRP (platelet-rich-plasma-therapy) – anti-inflammatory joint and muscle infiltration
Periradicular therapy (PRT) – local application of analgesics to the nerve root, controlled by CT
Neural therapy – intradermal injections for pain management
Injection treatment – hyaluronic acid, PRP, Traumeel, neural therapy, PRT
Social medical examination and advice / assessment
Orthopedic check up
second opinion
Sports medicine
Training control

Information about the assumption of costs

The consultation hours for orthopedics, trauma surgery, sports science, as well as manual medicine and acupuncture are organized as a private practice. The services provided are usually fully reimbursed by the private payers and aid agencies. Patients of the statutory health insurance companies can also be treated as self-payers. A cost estimate is prepared according to the fee schedule for doctors (GOÄ).


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